HOLOGRAM:  Change one part and change the whole.  Really!!!

Welcome to my website and blog!

As a practitioner and teacher of the Resonance Repatterning® system I am looking for ways to share this wonderful energetic healing system for anyone curious about exploring it, experiencing it, or learning about it, either as a client or a student of the classes I teach.

I was introduced to this in 1997 when it was called Holographic Repatterning.  I was drawn to it because I understood that in a hologram each part contains the whole and that when we change one part of our lives it impacts all other parts, for example relationships, attitudes, health and every other area of our lives.  On the larger scale it reminds us of the interconnectedness of all of creation in the web of life and how important it is for each of us to contribute whatever we can to the larger whole for the benefit of all.  This includes our precious planet, which groans, waiting for us to step up and advocate for ALL of life.

You can check the links I provide for further information on what Resonance Repatterning® is, how to register for classes and how to find a practitioner.

Seeking Certification as a Practitioner?

  • What questions do you have?   Where do you need help?  What kind of support do you need?
  • As one of the Designated Observers I can  help you find what you need and provide your Observations for feedback, encouragement and  finally a recommendation to the Certification Board of the Repatterning Practitioners Association (RPA).

I look forward to hearing from you!


c. 360-920-3865     h. 360-384-1415


15 thoughts on “Home

  1. This is a great explanation and introduction to Resonance Repatterning. If you have a chance to have a session with Jennifer, by all means, do it! I have known and been working with Jennifer for about 12 years now. She is a gifted and skilled practitioner. I have experienced miracles in my life. I believe you will too.
    Lori Murphy, (Resonance Repatterning Student Practitioner)

    • Lori, after my very long hiatus from using, or even opening this blog, Carolyn has nudged me back into it. I am so appreciative or your kind words and your faithful journey in learning the miracles of Resonance Repatterning. We will keep learning together.

  2. Jennifer, I’m excited to see you actively engaged in following your passion for Resonance Repatterning. You are doing great work in the world!!!!

  3. Jennifer, I applaud you for getting your blog/website up and running! I will take the time to explore it more fully but the home page and video are excellent! I don’t know how to like your page, though, without creating an account at wordpress.com. Ideas?

  4. Thanks Donna for your kind words! At the very top of the blog home page there is a *like* section which you can click. You do not need to sign up to WordPress to do that. (I haven’t done it before so hope that is right. I am in such a learning curve and enjoying it!)

  5. Hi Donna and Jennifer – small correction, not sure why but you do need a WordPress Account to ‘like’ a post a or a page. Probably when the posts get set up to also publish to Facebook, you and if you have a FB account, you ‘ll be able to ‘LIKE’ them there. I think it is for the purpose of promoting community and reducing unwanted spam.

    Jennifer – this blog is great!


    • Thank you Myra. Your kind words mean a lot to me. I am at a stuck place right now with my assignments for my 3week class but hope to be able to figure things out. It is all a delightful challenge for me. Love you, J

  6. Hi, Jennifer. I love your site. I congratulate you on overcoming the challenges and pushing through with this. I look forward to future postings!

  7. Jennifer, Thank you for extending yourself to the wider world audience. I love your easy, gentle explanation to Resonance Repatterning. It helps to simply see how this work can and will impact one’s life in unexpected ways. For me your presence in my life has been life changing. As a Student Practitioner and Client I now have tools to navigate life’s twists and turns – spiraling up to a more life enhancing journey… Thank you thank you thank you.

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