Getting my blog together!

For years I have been dragging my feet about creating a online presence.  I have have felt woefully inadequate about knowing how to manage the basic computer skills needed, timid about putting my thoughts where others could see and perhaps judge them, and resisting the pull to get more involved in my retirement years when I have a desire to slow down and simplify my life.

Through the persistent encouragement and assistance from Carolyn Winter I am finally saying ‘yes’ to the invitation to give it my best shot.  Recently she spent an afternoon on the phone with me giving me guidance, specific steps to take to get started and an invitation for me to be a volunteer for the World Peace Hologram project offered through the Repatterning Practitioners Association, RPA.  Because I believe so strongly in the value of RR I decided to say yes.

Not having a clue about where to start I did a Resonance Repatterning session on myself to address my reluctance and fears.  Carolyn had helped me get started in 2011 but I hadn’t remembered a thing about how to navigate the site we had begun together.  What I realized in the next days after my self-session was that I was energized and excited to move through my fears and go for it!!

So here I am!  I felt so excited yesterday when I learned how to edit a page and how to move something without losing everything.  I am beginning to think this could really be fun so I’ll keep you posted as I go along.

Stay tuned!!





2 thoughts on “Getting my blog together!

  1. Congratulations on getting this post out and the blog together. I love the video on the home page and appreciate your sharing the journey of learning to blog. it makes us all human as practitioners. AND Repatterning does help! I remember putting together my first website in 2000. I stumbled a lot through each new thing but whenever i got stuck i stopped, checked for what was needed to change my resonance and miraculously whized through each problem. Jennifer – I can only say “Go for it!”

    Carolyn Winter.

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