Once You Learn To Say No… Be Aware of the Void

A very clear understanding of and explanation of codependency.

In one of our Family Constellation Repatternings, called Giving and Taking Repatterning, an open ended question invites you to consider “Do you give more than you receive or receive more than you give?”   By far, in my practice the majority of people are professional “Givers” with an inability to say NO as a root cause.   Saying ‘NO’ when you KNOW that you are already maxed out, or it is not something you are interested in, or that your own goals are more important to your priority use of time can take years of personal growth and insight awareness.  Sometimes it takes a health debilitating illness, physical injury, or financial loss before we get to that point of healing or it is the culmination of inner work, and daily spiritual practice that gives you  the insight to move on.   One way or another, you one day start noticing how you cautiously…

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