December RR Skills Day


An enthusiastic group of Resonance Repatterning students met on October 19,2015 for reviewing and practicing modalities related to the Chakras and polarity points.   We were able to watch Chloe Wordsworth demonstrate the different Chakra Spiral Up tool using her  wonderful video series, SpiralUp127 which is available to anyone for a very reasonable cost from the RRI site.  Another Skills Day is scheduled for December 11, 2015.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS:  Friday, December 11 2015

This will be held at my house, 5925 Longdin Rd, Ferndale, WA from 9-2:30. We will use this day to focus on the principles of the Five Element-Meridians systems.  I encourage you to be working in your Skills section in the back of your Five Element-Meridian book and getting  solid in practicing and learning the modalities specific for that class.

As usual, bring your own lunch and any modalities you may have.

REMINDER: A new RR series will begin in January for new students or re-takers.  These classes are posted online.

INNER CULTIVATION, a six day class taught by Chloe Wordsworth in June, 2016.  Check the postings listed on for the specifics of time, location, cost etc.  The class is listed in two separate entries of 3 days each.  The first is called Meridians and Presence and the second 3 day posting is called Meridian and Safety.  Be sure to read what Chloe says about this in her post.

I hope to see you at the Skills Day in December.  In the meantime have a wonderful November and I hope you can gather with family and friends for Thanksgiving.

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