Resonance for Compassion for Refugees in Europe

My husband and I arrived in Amsterdam last Sunday evening and are on a river cruise in Europe.  We have moved down the Rhine and Main Rivers and are now on the Danube with the destination of arrival in Budapest on Saturday where we will stay an extra two weeks to visit  our son and his family who live here.

Hungary has been a focal point of the Syrian refugee crisis.  The images of thousands of people and families with small children fleeing their homeland in search of a better and safer life for themselves and their loved ones tear at our hearts.  The newscasts  show images of brutal attempts to keep them from entering Hungary or neighboring countries even while there are those who offer support, supplies and compassionate understanding.  The situation in Syria is only one part of the world where refugees are fleeing for their lives looking for safety and shelter.

There are no easy answers to this global humanitarian crisis but we do know that this impacts all of us because we live in a world that is interrelated and interconnected on all levels.  The World Peace Hologram Repatterning that I will offer on November 16, 2015 is dedicated to “those who suffer yet have the courage to hope or ask for help and have faith that humanity will respond…” (from the WPH workbook)

Please join me for this repatterning at

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