African-American History Month

In honor of African-American History Month, help us address our collective inheritance of patterns of oppression in the world

Resonance Repatterning Skills Day in honor of African-American History Month

In honor of African American History Month, it feels really timely to address the shadow of oppression that has woven into our collective and personal histories and to also recognize the treasured gifts of humanity’s struggle to rise up despite it all. This skill day that Jennifer Johnson has so wonderfully agreed to host will be an opportunity to add your piece to this work, hone your resonance skills, and participate in the World Peace Hologram project, which we will be interacting with along the way.

Details for the day:

Friday, February 26th
Jennifer Johnson’s home
5925 Longdin Rd
Ferndale, WA 98248
9am – 2pmWe will start out with a group repatterning session including inputs from the World Peace Hologram to address how patterns of oppression move through our personal histories. The hope is to help shift the personal work we are gifted with in support of larger world peace!

We will then break out into pairs where you will have an opportunity to repattern how this affects your personal peace – how oppression has shown up for you in your life (this can be both as the oppressed or as experiences where we were the oppressor and wish to make amends).

Inspiration for the skills day:

When I think of oppression, I think of its roots as our own natural tendency to not love and accept ourselves and each other exactly how we are. The link above is to a beautiful poem from Climbing PoeTree describing this tendency so joyfully. Yes, oppression is also about larger economic systems that encourage grasping and taking from other peoples (or future generations), but my feeling is that as we learn to authentically love and value ourselves (realizing that we are a part of this earth and everything on it), we naturally disengage from these systems and live in more earth and people-honoring ways.

Hope you will join us! What you need to do:

1) Please RSVP with both Jennifer ( and Me (wlotusliving)2) Please fill out the World Peace Hologram survey (and pass it on to all who would be interested!):

Thank you!

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