Inner Cultivation Advanced Seminar

SPECIAL EVENT:  Chloe F. Wordsworth will be coming to Ferndale, WA  June 10-13, 2016 for a three day advanced Five Element-Meridan class, INNER CULTIVATION. This seminar is available for anyone who has completed the basic series of Fundamentals of RR through the Five Element-Meridian seminar and watched the online Home Study course.  You can read about this seminar on the RRI website,    Please read her following letter with information re the required viewing of her online video related to this seminar.

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Good news!

I have just completed the filming of our first RR Home Study video course – Inner Cultivation Through the Twelve Meridians.

Our first group of students and re-take practitioners are taking it right now and love it. Loads of fascinating information about the inner tradition of Chinese Acupuncture. And they love that they can go back and listen again whenever they want to.

Anyone is welcome to take the Home Study course – even if you don’t yet have the Inner Cultivation book and won’t be taking the three-day in person seminar until later. See the link below for more information on the free sample and registration.

FOR RR STUDENTS AND PRACTITIONERS: Attending the in-person six-day seminar over six days is intense. It’s also difficult for people to take off work for six days, and equally difficult taking notes for six days! Whereas preparing yourself, at home, with the Home Study course before attending the in person three-day seminar seems to be ideal.

In the Inner Cultivation HOME STUDY video course there are about 70 modules. Each module covers a different aspect of Inner Cultivation. It includes:
Demonstrations of the point location for each of the twelve Meridians and a sure way to learn point location
The Constitutional Type and how to nurture the potential within your own Constitutional Element-Meridian
The inner tradition of Chinese Acupuncture: the Three Treasures, the Five Essences, the five Virtues and the five disturbed emotions – and how these impact your behaviors, your energy, your health and your life
The five Mudras that I associate with the Five Essences
Demonstrations of the Mandel Acupuncture point sequences

AND once you register for the Home Study course, you have lifetime access to it.
This means if you get rusty on the location of the Master points, you can go to the Point Location module for whichever Meridian you need.

Or perhaps you want a self-session point: you can go to the Module where I have you touch the point and listen as I talk through all the wonderful ways the point balances your energy.

Or you want to listen to the coherent and non-coherent qualities associated with each Meridian, or remind yourself about the Essences, their virtues and reconnecting to our “true self.”

From now on I plan to teach the Inner Cultivation seminar as a 3-day in-person seminar AFTER students have taken the Home Study course.
Taking the Home Study course prepares you for the in-person seminar, where you will experience each of the thirteen Meridian Repatternings, observe how they are done and discuss the Constitutional Type that influences which point you choose.

I will have an opportunity to check the point locations you learned in the Home Study course.

Taking the Home Study course and three-day seminar completes your Inner Cultivation seminar attendance requirement for becoming a Certified Practitioner by the Resonance Repatterning Institute. (Be aware that two countries have an RR membership Association, and its requirements for Association Certification include attending only the basic seminars: Fundamentals – 5 Element and Meridians).

How to register for the Home Study course
Once the new Resonance Repatterning website is complete (presently in its birth process!), you will see a tab: HOME STUDY COURSES. This will link you to a page where you can register. The course fee is $550.

OR you can click on the below link and register for the HOME STUDY Inner Cultivation course right now – listen to a sample or register for the whole training:


Get in touch with Jennifer Johnson, our wonderful coordinator for details.

You don’t need the Inner Cultivation book in order to do the Home Study course. Jennifer will order the books for the June seminar

In the next few weeks I will be inserting the final proof-reading corrections and my designer will need to go through the book once more. So the FINAL, FINAL edition won’t be ready until the end of April.

Please let Jennifer know if you are interested in the June seminar so we get a rough idea of numbers.

All the best and hope to see you in June,
Love, Chloe

Please contact me if you would like further information or if you have questions.

Thank you!


Check for details, location and fees for all classes.

If you are interested in classes, please contact me below.