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If you are interested in snow capped mountains, lush old growth forests, and the tidal waters of Puget Sound come visit Northwest Washington to take in the natural beauty of this area while studying the healing method of Resonance Repatterning.  In addition to the beautiful natural wonders of this area Bellingham, WA is located 100 miles North of Seattle and just 40 miles South of Vancouver, British Columbia.  There is something for everyone.

It is a joy for me to teach the first five of six basic classes in the Resonance Repatterning healing system, a process we learn together that provides an opportunity to recognize outdated patterns and beliefs in order to live more consciously, cooperatively and creatively in our world.  When Chloe Faith Wordsworth developed this body of work, also known as Holographic Repatterning, she saw it as a tool people could use for themselves, family and friends.  It is that and so much more!  I invite you to learn to use this process yourself for personal or professional growth. Your presence, input and partnership are welcomed in this venture.  Come learn with me.

For students wishing to complete the basic series I am offering the Transforming Unconscious Patterns (TUPS) and Chakras this year and the Five Element-Meridian class in  2016.  I will also be  starting a new series in early 2016.

Contact me or check the website for details:   www.resonancerepatterning.net

Transforming Unconscious Patterns, August 6-7, 2015

Transforming Chakra Patterns,  September 18-19, 2015

NOTICE: Chloe Wordsworth will be coming in June of 2016 to teach the six day advanced course in the five element-meridian system called Meridians and Safety. Watch for that.  

Suggested reading

Quantum Change Made Easy, Chloe Faith Wordsworth and Gail Glanville

Dance with me!

I have been thinking of creating a blog to learn some new skills and invite a conversation about topics which fascinate me in the dance between the fields of science and religion.  I am particularly interested in The New Creation Story (the ongoing process of evolution) and the new physics and how they interplay with the stories and concepts used to talk about God in the language of theology.  The term quantum theology appeals to me as a way to describe this dance and the alternative healing method of Resonance Repatterning gives me a place to apply these concepts in a practical and personal way.

As a curious amateur I invite you to join the dance as we converse and explore together.