Bob and I arrived in Amsterdam on Sunday, Nov. 1 for a 15 day River Cruise on the Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers which ends in Budapest on November 14. With a World Peace Hologram scheduled for November 16 on the refugee situation in Hungary I have heard some stories from folks along the way as we have cruised down the river.  Some of these are from refugees who settled in Germany as a result of WWII and others are more current.  In the next few days I will share a few of them .

IMG_0148JULIE: In Miltenberg, Germany the bridges were destroyed but the tower at the end of one of them was intact and survived the bombings of WWII.  Julie, our guide who was raised in France, told the story of how her husband’s family arrived with many other refugees from Poland during WWII and relocated in Miltenberg.  There were many refugees who had arrived there and there was no place for his family to live but they were allowed to stay in the tower by the bridge until there was a better option for them.  He was a young boy at the time and the home his family had owned in Poland was taken from them.  He has continued to live in Miltenberg and raise his family there in a community which welcomed his refugee family which had lost everything.