Half and Half (My Blogging 101 prompt)

“Is the glass half empty of half full?”  Our assignment for the Blogging 101 class was to write a blog from a prompt that relates to the blog itself.  My blog includes my efforts to work as a volunteer to do monthly World Peace Hologram Repatternings.  Since I have chosen to explore areas of violence that are so destructive in our world I realized I cannot focus just on the negativity without moving into envisioning how things might be different.

Scientific research shows us that what we choose to think about impacts us on all levels and the more we think about something the deeper the grooves in our brain become, reinforced by the chemical neurotransmitters released.  So negative thinking that is repeated over and over deepens those grooves.  It is obvious then that if we turn our attention and creative energies to exploring alternative outcomes we are literally creating new pathways in our brain.  So I say, let’s not ignore our problems but as we face them let us look for the seeds of new possibilities within them that lead us into new outcomes unknown to us at this time.  This is an exercise of ‘loving the not yet’ as we dream, envision, and evolve together.  We have a choice…half empty or half full.  What will we choose?

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